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If your interest in forex has grown beyond “a few simple trades”, you’ll have undoubtedly seen at least one the many websites selling “automated forex systems”…

You know the ones which promise to help you earn $1,000,000 just from pushing a button?

And, no doubt if you’re like most other forex traders – these claims just flick the “BS” switch in your brain as you move right on… Not giving a second thought because, according to many Forex traders, these systems are nothing more than “scams” and “cons” which are to be avoided like the plague.

That frame of mind wouldn’t be unfounded -

Our industry is full of BS-jabbering, sleaze-ball salesmen looking to make a quick buck from our yearning to become financially secure from the forex market.

There’s no getting away from it either – more and more products are flooding the market which all promise riches & wealth just by activating the “revolutionary software” that requires “no human intervention”.

Worse yet – the “salesmen” behind these products don’t reveal their true form until it’s too late and your money it lost. They may boast a credible and professional company but when it matters the most, they come down on you like a ton of bricks.

That’s not to say all forex systems are bad. There ARE several “hidden gems” out there – and many of them don’t “big themselves up” as much as they could…

There are a wide range of software products which do stick to their promises and deliver on their claims. There are forex trading systems which do actually work!

It’s just a case of finding out what works and what doesn’t… which is where we come in.

We’ve compiled an array of unbiased reviews of the best Forex trading systems we could find, giving you a clear “birds-eye view” on the product, what it claims to do and what it really does.

But to save you the hassle of digging through all of our reviews…

Here’s our top-pick forex trading system:

Forex Autopilot (By Marcus Leary)

Forex Autopilot Trading System Review

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