5EMAs Forex Trading System Review

The 5 EMA’s Forex Trading System (by Andy Burgoyne) is as comprehensive and feature-rich as they come. Unlike almost all of its competitors, however, the authors of this script actually reveal exactly how the system works and how it calculates its trades…

This has allowed Andy’s system to grow in popularity incredibly fast and, as the many reviews and comments online reveal, he’s built a very large fan base from it.

The system itself works with Meta Trader 4 and also includes a total of 7 other bonuses and trader tools which we feel make this software worth so much more than he actually sells it for (maybe that’s why he has built such a following?)

As well as offering so much value from the product itself, the author has actually gone to great lengths to “prove” exactly how well the system works and operates by posting many screenshots of the software in action. The first of these screenshots is actually an image of a live trading account which went from $5,000 to $38,572 in 238 days… something which some systems would NEVER have the capability to do.

Obviously, this has been the accomplishments of an experienced trader who knows the forex market inside out. What we’re going to find out is how effectively anyone can use this system to generate profits on demand.

5 EMA’s Forex System Overview

5EMAs Forex Trading System

FXSystemsCompared awards this product: 7 / 10

From our own experiences and the reviews of Burgoyne’s hundreds of “fans” online, the 5 EMA’s system is an incredibly valuable asset for experienced traders.

Its feature rich and high quality trading software gives people who know what they’re doing the tools to initiate trades, for instant quick profit. Not only that, but the bundle of bonuses you receive with the product add incredible value to Andy’s offering, giving anyone who buys the product a great resource of information for any trader…

Although it’s a very powerful system, the 5 EMA’s system is definitely not for newbies, especially people who are looking to start in Forex. Since the features of the software are so extensive and rich, its volatile trading systems will more than likely confuse inexperienced traders…

Having said that, the system still has its upside for newbies. Because of the wealth of information and guidance material you receive with the product, anyone will be able to pick up the system and start the learning curve right away.
Also, because Andy reveals the exact formulas and methods behind the software in the accompanying documentation, it’s still a great investment for a beginner just to see how a fund manager works and thinks.

All in all, we believe that although the learning curve for this system may vary between experienced traders and beginners, at the end of the day, it’s still an incredibly valuable tool which many will benefit from.


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What 5 EMAs Forex System Claims To Do

As with almost all of the other Forex robots online, the website for 5EMAs is filled with claims of opportunity for massive profit. However, unlike many of its competitors, Burgoyne actually publishes PROOF of his claims so that you can see that, for him at least, the software has lived up to some promises.

The system has been founded on the very formula that a fund manager has used to generate consistent high-profile profits from Forex and Burgoyne actually explains the formula in the documentation you receive with the product.
Allegedly, the system can be used to profile trends and signals accurately enough to yield as much as 35%-55% gain on any trades it performs.

One of the biggest aspects of this system is the apparent “ease of use” the author promotes. Andy Burgoyne actually says throughout the web page that even if the trader has a few hours at the weekend, they should be able to generate some nice profits just from using the software. However, these profits would always be a lot lower than someone who can devote more time to their trading…

The key point we could see on the 5 EMAs website is the fact the software apparently reports trends and signals when at the beginning of a currency pair’s cycle… instead of at the end of one (like what all the other robots on the market do).
This is down to the system’s unique formula which, again, is explained in full by Andy Burgoyne.

What 5 EMAs Forex System Actually Does

Our research showed us that the system is incredibly powerful and can deliver substantial profits to anyone… however, exactly how much profit depends entirely on the level of experience the trader has.

Out of all the forums, blogs and unsolicited reviews we discovered, we saw the same pattern over and over; whereby the ones who were generating the most profit had the most experience and the most time to make 5 EMAs work for them.

On one forum, we even found a trader claim to have made a profit of over 400 pips from a few trades… just from using the 5 EMAs system.

We also discovered that the people who claimed to have experienced poor results with this software all had limited experience in trading forex and many of them had neglected to read the accompanying documentation that 5 EMAs offered.

However, of those who thought the system “didn’t work for them”, they all reported back that the level of support they received was impeccable and applauded Andy Burgoyne for his advice and help.


The 5 EMAs system is definitely worth a look into. Even if you’re not one of the most experienced forex traders, you can still gain a LOT of information just from the documentation you receive with the software.

The bottom line, and thousands of people have proved this, is that this system DOES work but the level of profit and growth you receive from it entirely depends on how well you know the forex Trading market and how experienced you are.

We recommend that you at least take a look at the 5 EMAs website to see exactly what they claim. You’ve got nothing to lose from purchasing the product and you’ll gain so much value from it anyway that it will be well worth your time.

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5EMAs Forex Trading System

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