Forex Assassin Trading System Review

Forex Assassin is presented as a systematic and “mechanical” forex trading “system” which focuses purely on numbers and trends. It’s not a software package but is in effect a “blueprint” you can use to track and react to certain market conditions as they happen. It effectively helps you do what software would normally in a consistent and highly profitable fashion.

Essentially, it acts as the eyes and ears for the trader and when it’s “alerted” to a signal, it shows the trader exactly what the most profitable set of actions to follow.

It’s very similar to how the super-computers at the weather channel predict the weather. They look at a series of trends and information and present it all in a simple “prediction” of what’s going to happen in the future and although it’s not always right, it is very accurate; telling the weather person what to say.

Will “Forex Assassin” brighten your day?

Let’s find out…

Forex Assassin Overview

Forex Assasin Review

FxSystemsCompared awards this product: 8 / 10

Although it’s not one of the most talked about forex trading systems online, the many people who have reported back all agree that Forex Assassin does supply some steady, consistent profits.

It’s not a “pip magnet”, but it does create enough trading momentum to build some profits… and although it’s not an “automated” system, it does save any trader who uses it a LOT of time.

The company’s support is outstanding, with prompt replies to any questions submitted. Unlike many of the other systems, they actually publish their support contact details for everyone to see as well, which is very commendable.


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What Forex Assassin Claims To Do

The Forex Assassin website is less “hyped” than the leading forex trading systems (such as Forex Autopilot or Forex Tracer) and its promises aren’t as “overcooked” as others…

That’s because the system has been designed to be as calculating and “no-frills” as possible, providing only what the trader needs in order to operate a highly successful campaign.

It doesn’t claim to be an automated solution but does give any trader who uses it (experienced or beginner) the ability to save time on the monitoring of their trades… allowing for a more productive approach to trading which will result in more profit.

Unlike many other systems which try and be “everything to everyone”, Forex Assassin uses a very basic setup to allegedly work well with all currency pairs (something which many of the big products couldn’t do).

This isn’t a software package but is actually a “paper-based” system which instructs traders on exactly what to look out for and how to react when certain trends occur.

But how well does it work?

What Forex Assassin Actually Does

The unsolicited customer comments & reviews published online all point to this blueprint system being an incredibly efficient and time-saving tool. Not only does it allow you to quickly and systematically react to almost any market trend / condition… but it also allows you to build your knowledge and techniques about the behavior of the markets.

It’s a complete “walk-through” solution for anyone looking to get the most out of their time as a Forex trader. Instead of having to take the time to work out what certain conditions mean and how to react, you can just consult this system to reveal exactly what to do.

The information inside is very methodical and explains each of its suggestions in specific detail, making much of the support and related services it offers a “luxury bonus”.

What you get

Although there’s no “software” in this product offering, you do get access to a wide range of quality guides and books including:


Essentially, this system isn’t going to make you “millions of dollars overnight” as many of the other Forex systems advertise. In fact, it’s more likely going to help you line your pockets for a rainy day than anything…

Because the information is so specifically regimented and written in a step-by-step way, there’s a level of benefit you can actually gain from it. Unlike software packages such as Forex Tracer, this system is not scalable and is really aimed at the Forex beginner (although experienced traders will also benefit).

If you’re interested in this system, then you will lose nothing by just using it on a few demo accounts to see how it performs…

From the comments all over the Internet, it appears that it will generate you a profit when you want it but it won’t be the ticket to a “new life” that all the other systems promise.

Forex Assasin Review

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