FAP-Winner Forex Trading System Review

As a follow-up product to the wildly successful Forex Autopilot (full review), it's no wonder that FAP-Winner (Forex Autopilot-Winner) is gaining a similar level of attention from an industry which has learnt to cling to any golden eggs it can find.

FAP-Winner.com is a "Forex Trader's Club" which aims to give you direct access to some of Marcus Leary's most successful "students" in a membership type site. This is done through a private message board, a multitude of interactive social platforms and some good old fashioned "1 to 1 personal coaching".

For the one-off membership fees of $199 (silver account), $399 (gold account or $599 (Supreme Account), you can apparently expect to earn $1,000,000.00 in 2 years with their "personal Forex trading plans", amongst other "too good to be true" benefits.

However you look at it - whether you trust the credible brand of Forex Autopilot or are already dismissing this is another scam, there has to be some merit for 1,931 traders to have already registered.

Let’s find out…

FAP-Winner Overview

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FxSystemsCompared awards this product: 6 / 10

Fap-Winner Member's AreaAlthough the outlandish and somewhat scam-like claims on the homepage do have *some* truth behind them, the fact remains that this product is, in our opinion, no way as good as Forex Autopilot.

Although you do receive everything you're promised on the homepage, the authors behind this website have been very clever in the way they portray each of their "benefits" as what we found when we investigated the member's area was NOT what we expected.

We felt over-sold and with a price tag starting from $200, we expected to have everything the homepage promised us (and more). Unfortunately, we only got a few basic plans which the authors claimed to have used themselves... something we felt almost "betrayed" by.


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What FAP-Winner Claims To Do

The FAP-Winner website is not presented in the same way as the original Forex Autopilot website and is definitely more open and fresh, in our eyes. Whenever we looked at the FAPS website, we would always feel cheesed off and bored by the sheer amount of text on there... whereas the FAP-Winner site is more graphics focused.

When looking over what FAP-Winner claims to do, it's just like reading a forex fairytale. Some of the claims on the website are just astounding, with such promises as "A concrete trading plan that can help you earn $1,000,000 in less than two (2) years! "

Unlike any other forex product we've reviewed, this website actually posts the number of people who've invested in it. As of writing this, that number is 1,931 traders - all of whom have presumably paid at least $199 to join.

Two thirds down the page, the authors have listed all the "benefits" you will receive from joining. These include expert setup of your Forex Autopilot software (which needs to be bought separately) as well as a host of other learning materials, including online video conferences and "1 to 1 personal coaching".

But how well does it all work?

What FAP-Winner Actually Does

The unsolicited customer comments & reviews published online all point to this "successful traders' club" being an incredibly powerful community to be a part of. Not only does it allow you to intermingle with some of Forex Autopilot's most successful traders but it also gives you the opportunity to make new friends and learn a bunch of new trading techniques.

Essentially, it's a complete "package" which you can use time and time again to propel your forex trading to higher and higher levels of profitability... however you do need to be careful. Many of the claims on the home page are incredibly inflated and most "hot air". The whole "$1,000,000.00 two year plan" you're meant to get is just a little report thing which we don't feel does justice to the promise that's made on the homepage.

From purchasing membership, you gain unparalleled access to some of the founders & authors of FAP-Winner, as well as being able to access some of the best configurations for your Forex Autopilot system. As with the Forex Autopilot product itself, you get a 60 day money-back guarantee.

What you get

FAP-Winner does boast a lot of "benefits" to joining their community including:


The main resounding fact is that the FAP-Winner community is designed for Forex Autopilot owners. Sure, you can join if you don't own the software but it won't need half of what you receive.

If you do own Forex Autopilot, then we recommend this site is something you look into AFTER you start profiting from the system. Although they promise to help you setup the software so it's the most efficient ever and all the other "promises" they make, the fact is that this site works best for an intermediate forex trader (not a beginner).

On this basis, we'd like to say we recommend this site but the fact is that unfortunately, it's not the "secret key" to $1,000,000.00 overnight and it's not the fast-track ticket to major forex success that many people want. It is, however, a great resource to improve your profits and help further your forex career for good.

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