Forex Brotherhood Review

It's obvious from Forex Brotherhood's homepage that this is a major forex product. Essentially,it's a membership site, giving aspiring forex traders access to a library of information created by "20 year veterans" and "hosted" by, Jason Alan Jankovsky...

The whole homepage for this product is packed full of products, bonuses and extras which you gain access to when you become a member. The list is staggering, here's a glimpse:

Essentially, what the creators of Forex Brotherhood are offering is a self-sustained elite forex trading group who uses the wisdom and experience of the 20+ year veterans to ensure continued forex success.

But with all of these products offered to us... can we be sure they're all they claim to be?

Let's see:

Forex Brotherhood Overview

Forex Brotherhood Review

FxSystemsCompared awards this product: 8.5 / 10

It's obvious from the research we performed on this Forex Brotherhood that many of its customers feel it's definitely a worthwhile product to have.

The material inside the member's area is very good, presented professionally and well. The only problem (mainly for those not confident with computers) is navigating the member's area, wading through all the videos, guides and reports, etc.

But once you've got that under your belt, you should be able to progress your forex trading further than you could have on your own. You've got direct access to veteran traders who've been "in the game" for over 20 years, all in a private forum which allows you to interact with them on an unprecedented level.

If you're looking to improve your forex trading techniques OR are looking to invest in an automated system OR are just starting out in forex, then we recommend taking a look at the Forex Brotherhood website...


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What Forex Brotherhood Claims To Do

From the looks of it, this isn't your bog-standard "automated forex system". Although Forex Brotherhood does include a couple of automated systems in its offering, it's obviously been dressed to be more than that. Much more.

By joining up, members gain access to a whole array of valuable and detailed videos, content, software and twice-daily live "webinars". As if that wasn't enough, all of the content has been created by incredibly experienced forex traders who've apparently been making a living from it for 20 years...

From some basic research, we found that Jason is actually an accomplished Forex author (here's his Amazon profile) and has many interviews / articles on some of the leading Forex trading sites. We think it's safe to say he's the "real deal".

With many of the leading Forex systems claiming to be put together to "copy the successes of experienced forex traders", this membership site certainly does seem appealing. Considering that members can allegedly talk 1-to-1 with some of the "veterans" via the private message board.

From the sounds of things, Forex Brotherhood could be classed as "a forex trader's wet dream" - with all the bonuses and access to successful traders - however does it really live up to the hype-packed home page?

Let's take a look...

What Forex Brotherhood Actually Does

Surprisingly enough, Forex Brotherhood does deliver more or less all of what it promises on the homepage - living up to the hype and claims of the home page.

However, let's just quantify that statement - it only lives up to the hype for users who can handle the steep learning curve that comes with the Brotherhood products & member's area.

Upon completing purchase and entering the member's area for the first time, the chances are that you will feel overwhelmed with the amount going on in there. No matter how experienced you are, it takes a lot of getting used to just to navigate around...

But once you've "found your footing" as it were, you should be able to get the daily reports and broadcasts pretty easily as well as download the software you receive. (Installing the software might be another hurdle for you - it was for us - but there's plenty of documentation with it to help you).

Overall, once you've got your head around the scale of what the Forex Brotherhood is, you can start to get to work devouring all of the high value content they deliver... and by the looks of it - the information they provide in their broadcasts and files IS pretty good, if not "great".

The "host", Jason Alan Jankovsky is very friendly and warm, enabling you to comfortably spend the time needed to sit down and listen to him. He's not one of these boring old men who rambles on into their boots for hours and hours...

If they could make the navigation and availability of what you get more easy to use, we would have given Forex Brotherhood 9 or 10/10... however we do feel that it is a major stumbling block, especially for people who are not confident with computers.

What you get

With membership to the Forex Brotherhood website, you receive:


Forex Brotherhood works if you've got the patience (and technical know-how) to make it work.

It is a membership site, and not a single product, but the quality of information, software, reports, guides, videos and community should definitely improve your forex trading. Even if it doesn't, you've got direct access to 20 year veterans to help show you where you're going wrong.

It's basically a "shortcut package" to succeeding with forex which thousands of forex traders wished they'd had when they started...

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Forex Brotherhood Review

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