Forex Funnel Trading System Review

Forex Funnel is another "automated forex robot" which claims to have made $462,000 profit over 4 years without any human interaction.

This system's website is extremely similar to that of Forex Tracer, with no mention of a particular "author" and an exceedingly "overkill" design job (practically every aspect of the page has been over designed to the max... and it's hard on the eyes.)

With the usual claims and "proof" of masses of profit, we're very interested to peel back the over-designed facade of this software and see what it's true colors are.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Forex Funnel Overview

Forex Funnel Review

FxSystemsCompared awards this product: 6.5 / 10

Forex Funnel is a relatively new piece of software and it appears that it's growing in popularity.

We found a few forum threads and blog posts about how a handful of experienced traders actually turned a couple of dollars profit overnight with this system (we're talking $15 here)... but other than that, not many people have been forthcoming with claims of huge profits (such as those on the homepage).

The software itself is appears to work well, performing the tasks you tell it to on "autopilot"....

However you've got to spend quite a bit of time making sure its set up and working properly (it's advertised that it takes 5 minutes to setup on the website... this simply isn't true, especially for a beginner). On top of that, you then need to learn how to operate the system itself which requires a few minutes of flicking through the instruction manual.

Support is good and if you've got no experience with Forex before, you'll probably need it with this system.

Overall, it's a quality product but it's just hyped up too much to be worth investing much time into. We strongly recommend you use our best Forex system instead...

However, if you are interested in what this Forex system has to offer, then you could try it for 60 days with the ability to claim a 100% refund if you're not happy with it.


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What It Claims To Do

Although it looks similar to Forex Tracer at a glance, Forex Funnel's claims don't seem to be as "inflated" as it's counterpart... with an online video demonstrating an apparent $7869 profit from 16th June 2008 - 13th July 2008.

As a system, it allegedly allows you to trade on the Forex with "no humans, corruption or middle men" (where've we heard that one before?)... effectively promising to be what we've all been looking into for years - a truly automated forex trading system.

Not only that, but it's also claimed to have a "100% idiot proofed - 5 minute setup". A strong claim in an industry which is synonymous with forex robots that are incredibly difficult to setup correctly.

However you look at it - Forex Funnel promises a lot. So let's take a look at if this product actually lives up to its promises or if it's a dud which has been covered up with some crazy graphics..

What It Actually Does

There are numerous reviews and customer comments online which, unsurprisingly, say much the same things as the customers of Forex Tracer said: Forex Funnel is a good forex system but it definitely isn't the "100% automated" software package that's advertised.

It's a system which requires you to take the time to properly set it up so it can perform the tasks you want automatically.... far from the "no human interaction required" claims on the website.

It must be noted here that many beginners get caught out with this kind of software because you actually need quite a bit of knowledge to get the thing set up. Couple this with a lack of high quality documentation and you've got an uphill struggle!

The support for the software seems to operate efficiently and gives out comprehensive responses to any queries and the company offers a 60 day guarantee if you're not satisfied with the product.

What you get

On top of the Forex Funnel software, you also receive:


Unless you're an experienced trader looking to further your forex business, we don't recommend you invest any time or money in this Forex Funnel.

If its hyped up promises and "proof" of mega profits got you thinking it was a truly automated "profit machine", then we're sorry to disappoint but it isn't.

It takes a lot of setting up (a lot more than the 5 minutes claimed on the homepage) and it only performs automated tasks on the things you tell it to... which means that you've actually got to push a few buttons to make it work.

What's more, if you're a beginner - the basic documentation that comes with the software won't help you in getting it up and running quickly -- it's full of different settings and "variables" which all need to be pinned down before using the software to ensure its accuracy.

If you're interested in an automated forex robot, you should check out our best forex trading system page. However, if you're really interested in what this product has to offer, it does come with a full 60 day guarantee so you could download it and test it out.

You can see the website here.

Forex Funnel Review

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