Forex Loophole Trading System Review

Forex Loophole is a forex trading system which, as is rampant in this industry, is full of big-time promises which claims to help everyone from "newbies" to "frustrated traders" to "9-5ers with little time"...

It's homepage is flush with claims of this system being "100% mechanical with NO monitoring of the markets needed" as well as being "proven to generate up to $600 from a single trade".

Sounds good, doesn't it? Well that's what they want you to think.... and from most accounts, it's worked. Forex Loophole is being talked about by everyone who's interested in forex systems but we want to find out whether it's got the capacity to live up to all the hype and interest.

Let's see if Forex Loophole is actually worth your time or whether it's yet another "scam":

Forex Loophole Overview

Forex Loophole Trading System Review

FxSystemsCompared awards this product: 8 / 10

It's got some of the biggest claims we've seen on its homepage, but we actually think that if you peel away the facade of a classy website, you've got a sturdy but simple system which should make you some easy cash.

We don't feel this is a "millionaire maker" BUT we do think that it's a good fitting product for its target audience - busy 9-5ers who can't afford expensive software OR to spend hours at the computer. We predict that if you use this system and are successful with it, you'll likely want to "progress" onto a more scalable one in the form of Forex Autopilot or Forex Tracer.


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What Forex Loophole Claims To Do

Forex Loophole definitely has one of the nicest looking websites from all the products we've reviewed. It's not as cheesy as some of the top ones, but does that make it worth their asking price?

The fact is that the first few paragraphs of the Fx Loophole website are full of some of the most outlandish claims we've seen (and we've seen alot). Apparently, it's designed for "9-5ers with little cash" and is "100% mechanical", leading us to believe that it's claiming to be a totally automated system (the likes of which we've had experience with in the past... and most sucked).

Allegedly, the author of the system made $600 profit with a single trade. However believable this is (and he does post proof), he does actually reveal the "steps" which he used to make that profit. Here's what he gives us:

Taken Directly From

The 10 Minute Formula For Forex Success...

Step 1: Each night you sit in front of your PC and review the market- a simple black and white process. It's so simple even a 16 year old could do it!

Step 2: You confirm that two special "in the money" conditions are present

Step3: Open your trade with the EXACT entry and exit points we hand to you.

Step4: That's it - set the orders and you're done. Sit back and wait for the pips to roll in...

So if you can bare to "sit down in front of your PC each night", then you've apparently got what it takes to start making $600 per trade with this system.

Is it real or is it just another scam?

What Forex Loophole Actually Does

After looking over the Forex Loophole package, it's obvious that it's aimed to part-time traders, especially people who hold a full time job and are looking to supplement their income with Forex.

Throughout the website and product, the whole idea that the system just requires 10 minutes of your time each day to work it is reiterated. Because it doesn't rely on complicated "formulas" or "live feeds" or anything like that, the system has apparently been proven with various screenshots on the site.

Because of the system's simplicity, you can rely on it to work with as many currency pairs as you dare trade with. Where as many other systems simply couldn't handle different currency pairs, this one can because it's simple yet effective.

What you get

Purchasing the Forex Loophole package does not come with any bonuses. However, you do receive detailed instructions on how to work the system for maximum efficiency (and profit!)


If you're looking to enter forex trading, which is what Forex Loophole is predominantly for, then you'll definitely benefit from the simplicity and effectiveness of this product.

Although we feel it's a great system to start with, we do not feel that it will suffice for any long periods of time, as your career develops, because it's basically too simple to scale and duplicate.

Essentially, we feel that this system is a great motivation-booster, which should earn you some quick cash. However, don't fall into the trap of thinking it's going to last you for anywhere near 6 months.

If you've got a job OR not a lot of time to devote to forex, then we recommend you "get the ball rolling" with this system. However, if you're looking for a truly scalable system to help you take your profits to the next level, we don't think you'll benefit a lot from this.

You can see what the Forex Loophole website says about the product here.

Forex Loophole Trading System Review

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