Forex Tracer Trading System Review

Forex Tracer is a relatively new expert advisor (EA) script which is receiving lots of interest online. It's one of the many forex systems which appear to promise a "totally hands off", automated solution to trading Forex...

Although the over-designed website may deter a lot of people (us included), the product has been pushed down an unfamiliar route in this industry, whereby the actual product takes the limelight and not the author.

No matter who produced it, the fact remains that thousands of people have already invested into this software and judging from online reviews, it seems to be working very well.

But does it live up to the hype?

Does it "stack up" against it's outlandish claims and deliver on all of it's promises?

Let’s find out…

Forex Tracer Overview

Forex Tracer Review

FxSystemsCompared awards this product: 8.5 / 10

Our extensive research online revealed that although lots of people who bought this product were skeptical at first, many actually revisited their initial "is this product good" forum posts with actual profits.

One forum we discovered had someone who claimed to have made $182 from a $500 demo account.

It appears that Forex Tracer does deliver on some of its big promises, however it's by no means the completely "hands off" solution that it's claimed.

From what we found, it appeared that the only ones benefiting from the software were the people who were willing to spend time with it AND who knew the forex market and how to effectively use a piece of software such as this.

In other words, we feel that beginners with little trading experience won't be able to just sit back and earn thousands of dollars the website claims because you've actually got to put some effort into working this software... and to do that, you've got to know how they work!


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What It Claims To Do

You’ll definitely have to keep an open mind when reading down the Forex Tracer website. Not only does it promise the “holy grail” of Forex trading – an automated, “hands off” system which you can just “leave on with no human interaction” – but it also explains how it’s managed to turn just $25,000 into $335,000 in a two year back test.

Because of its apparent simplicity and automatic engine, the Forex Tracer system can allegedly be used successfully by people who have “no previous Forex experience”… essentially taking newbies into a profit-making situation on “autopilot”.

The system works by “tracing” the various currency pairs you instruct it to, making calculated decisions based on profitable “signals”. Depending on how confident you feel about letting it loose with your cash (we strongly recommend you use a demo account first), it’s advertised as a true “hands-off” solution which requires no intervention.

However skeptical you might feel about the claims they make on their site, the fact remains that Forex Tracer has been selling extremely well.

Let’s take a look at why it’s become so popular…

What It Actually Does

Forex Tracer is a very powerful trading tool, we'll give it that. It's one of the top three we've reviewed... However we can't give it the status of being an "automated" system because it just takes so much human interaction to work it.

The system itself is modeled around providing a hands-off system which you can install and start making profits from, even if you've got no previous Forex experience. However from the many customer reviews we uncovered, the majority of the beginners who used the system could hardly work it at all...

The support for the software appears to be extremely good, with speedy, comprehensive responses to email queries... something that's essential with all those huge promises on the website...

What you get

On top of the Forex Tracer software, you also receive:


The Forex Tracer developers definitely know how to pull our strings. They snazzy website, full of promise and hype has enticed many would-be "forex millionaires" to “take the plunge” and give the “truly automated” Forex trading system a try.

Overall, the software is "automated" to a certain degree but still requires some human input (contrary to the claims on the website) and for beginners, we believe that it's a little complicated...

If you were a complete novice and just went straight for using this software, you would likely struggle to start profiting right away simply because of the nature of the program and what it's designed to do. It’s built specifically for forex efficiency and gives you the cold, hard facts with as little fanfare as possible. It’s not the “cakewalk” that the website might suggest for beginners.

This means that although it can be an incredibly powerful tool which many forex traders wished they could have had “back in the day”, it’s only as good as the person operating it. It does offer an automated solution but you’ve got to know how to make that automated solution work for it to be effective.

The good news is that since the support is pretty good (suggesting a legitimate company behind the software) and the promise of a 60 day guarantee on the homepage, there's no harm in taking a further look at it because you've got nothing to lose.

You can see the website here.

Forex Tracer Review

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