Forex Trading Machine Review

The Forex Trading Machine (by Avi Frister) isn’t your “typical” forex trading system. It’s a formula which has an entirely different approach to that of any other Forex product out there.

Unlike many of the other reviewed products on this site, Forex Trading Machine isn’t a “push-button” shortcut approach to becoming a forex millionaire. In fact, this “formula” doesn’t need half as much hand-holding or expert guidance as the so-called “automated” systems which all need some level of experience to work them.

The whole “system” that Frister has developed is based on two variables: price & time. Using these two variables, he’s apparently taken 11 years to develop the 3-part “PDFT” strategy which stands for “Price Drive Forex Trading”… making sure that it’s as efficient and profitable as what it can be.

So the question that everyone’s asking is that if it’s taken 11 years to develop, does Avi Frister’s Forex Trading Machine actually work?

Let’s see:

Forex Trading Machine Overview

Forex Trading Machine Review

FxSystemsCompared Awards This Product: 9 / 10

We’ve seen a lot of product offerings for the Forex market… many of which promote an automated “touch button” systems that make more promises they can keep.

However, with Frister’s Forex Trading Machine, we see a high quality set of systematic guidelines for profiting from the forex market. Not only does this system give you three tried and tested ways to profit from the forex, but it also has the proof and fans to ensure its continued success.

All in all, a very good product; especially if you’re trying to further some current forex success (I.E you already have some experience in the game).


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What Forex Trading Machine Claims To Do

Avi Frister reveals a 3 part forex trading system in his Forex Trading Machine, which is meant to cater to a wide cross-section of forex traders through non-complexity and a straight-forward approach.

Unlike many of the software packages you can buy to trade forex with, this system has the benefit of allowing even the least experienced traders to build a wealth of knowledge and experience from a small-risk, uncomplicated trading strategy.

Here are the 3 parts to Frister’s formula:

The cash cow method is, simply put, a formula which predefines what the trader should do when certain conditions are met. This method is infinitely scalable and allows the trader to almost predict the amount of profit they’re going to make from a trade… as the conditions and actions should all follow set guidelines.

It’s a “swing-trading” system which allows the trader (you) to check for certain conditions at the end of a day’s trading. If those conditions have been met, then you just have to provide your broker with a specific limit-order, stop-loss order and profit objective based on the specific calculation Frister has developed. (Don’t worry if this is new to you as it’s fully explained in the guide).

The forex runner method has been designed to be a “quick gains” approach to one-off trades as it is based solely on the price of a currency pair.

Using this method removes the emotional and “human error” factor from the whole trading process as it allows you to scrape off some easy profits from some simple trades.

The “Forex Runner” method is used by the trader choosing a specific time-frame and currency pair to invest into. When the time is right, the trader will then use Frister’s given instructions and guidance to find the perfect trade.

This strategy is specific to the EUR/USD currency pair as it relies on a tell-tale sign that’s been present for several years.

Frister has developed this strategy to allow even inexperienced traders to profit easily from a simple, yet highly profitable formula that he’s discovered and apparently uses himself.

Throughout his website, Avi stresses that these methods are all applicable some way through the day. He claims that these three pillars have helped some of his “clients” to boost their income to levels that make their full-time jobs look like pocket-change…

But does it really work?

What Forex Trading Machine Actually Does

Just like Forex Assassin, Forex Trading Machine isn’t a piece of software. It’s a step-by-step guide which helps you determine how profitable a given trade will be depending on the conditions at the time.

Unlike the Forex Assassin package, this has been refined and developed over the past 11 years to yield the most streamlined and profitable system possible.

Frister provides plenty of “evidence” of his success with these methods on his website; the most convincing of which is a 12 month backtest with the “cash cow” method that yielded a profit of 495 pips…

Our research online showed us that you don’t need to be an “expert” to make these strategies work, either. In fact, we’ve seen numerous forum threads of extremely happy beginners reporting their first profits with them…

Others claim that although they thought it was great information, some beginners actually needed some more clarification. They reported back that the support they received was simply outstanding, with a personal, professional response.


If you’re looking for an “automated forex robot” then this isn’t it. If you’ve got the time, dedication and motivation to pull some relatively easy profits from the Forex market, then this system is definitely worth a look into.

Although he doesn’t go about trying to almost “deceive” his prospects, unlike the many other forex systems online, Frister does give us a steadfast and high quality system which has been proven by many people in various online communities.

Even if you don’t know anything about trading on the Forex, we highly recommend you take a further look into what Avi has to offer. Even if it doesn’t work or doesn’t appeal, you’ve got 56 days to ask for a full refund… making a purchase RISK FREE.

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Forex Trading Machine Review

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