London Forex Rush Trading System Review

London Forex Rush (By Al Russell) is a piece of forex software which is a "100% automated" solution for intra-day trades. It's been specifically designed for intra-day traders and for the GBP currency too, but this doesn't mean that swing traders can't take advantage of it since this software apparently just needs 2 hours a day to commence trading.

The package is so focused on "London", not only because it was created there but also because the system has been designed to work as soon as the London market opens to commence trading in that market from the word "go".

This doesn't mean that you can't use it if you're in another country, however... and many are with what appears to be some genuine success. So, let's take a look at whether the London Forex Rush is worth taking a look at:

London Forex Rush Overview

London Forex Rush System

FxSystemsCompared awards this product: 8.5 / 10

The London Forex Rush system is pretty strong but it does have its weaknesses. Not only is it limited on the amount of long-term profit you can expect from the system, but with its whole core based on a volatile market, the waters look choppy for anyone trying to scrape an easy profit with this system.

Many customers of Al's have actually commented that this software does work "in principle" but the actual physical profit-making signals are unfortunately not there at a time when you need them. I.E the software only shows trends after 10 hours which means that it could result in plenty of bad trades for the AUD/GBP.

Our advise is that, if modified, this system really can earn some nice profits... but you can't afford to let it do the work for you because it's such a high risk piece of equipment.


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What London Forex Rush Claims To Do

The London Forex Rush is like your typical forex system, claiming to be a 100% automated piece of software which allows you to trade for 2 hours a day whilst gaining more pips than you can count...

Unlike the other systems you can buy, the LFR system openly specializes in intra-day trading, as opposed to the general target of the "main" systems such as Forex Autopilot and Forex Tracer. According to the website, the software plugs automatically into your Meta trader 4 account and the software apparently does the rest... giving you signals when they come through.

The whole concept of this product appears to be a "blitzkrieg" of the sterling currency as soon as the market opens. Unlike many other systems, which instruct you to work "off peak", Al Russell has designed this system to work in as volatile markets as possible using the most buoyant of currencies - the Sterling Pound.

What London Forex Rush Actually Does

The instant download of London Forex Rush allows you to install the software in under 5 minutes after purchase. This allows you to install it on your Meta Trader platform and it will automatically give yo buy and sell points, the stop loss, target profits and the lots you should trade.

Because the system is totally automated, all you need to do to work it is leave your computer on. This will allow the software to trace the market and give you the best signals when it feels you will have the best chance of profit. Once it's decided for you when you should trade, you just need to type your trade order as instructed by the indicator.

As can be seen by the online video demonstration, the system has worked for the author on numerous occasions so with the 56 day guarantee, who knows what it will do for you.

Although the system is relatively simple to use and does require some initial setting up, the speed at which it calculates trends and signals is a slight worry (more on that in the conclusion).

What you get

Apart from receiving the full London Forex Rush package, you also receive a complete PDF instruction manual with a heap of high quality information about how to effectively use the system and how to manage your money.

Since the author has been a professional forex trader for some time, it makes perfect sense that he wrote the book and directed the creation of the software.


If you know how to trade and how the markets work, then we totally recommend London Forex Rush. It's less than conventional take on "automated trading" is not comparable to the other forex systems out there and it's definitely a unique gem.

If you're not too experienced with Forex yet, it might still be worth taking a look at this product because the level of information that Al includes in his manual should be more than enough to get you started. What's more, his customer service levels are so good that you shouldn't be left in the dark at any time.

The only really weak point about this system is the fact that it generates trends over 10 hour periods which means that you could be losing out on some significant signals with currency pairs including the AUD/GBP pair.

You can see what the London Forex Rush website says about the product here.

London Forex Rush System

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