Silicon Forex Review

Silicon Forex is a relatively new product to enter the forex market and, as you can tell from the images below, the authors have tried very hard to convince us of its quality.

According to the homepage of this forex trading system, Silicon Forex is the result of a collaboration project between a professional forex trader and computer engineer to produce the "new revolution in forex trading".

Like many of the other systems out there, this one does claim to be one that "trades by itself on autopilot 24h/Day" as well as "plug and play in 5 minutes". Essentially, you're looking at your classic "hands-in-pockets" wealth builder which is not afraid to promise you the world.

Although its design and graphics do look appealing, are they just glossing over another worthless product?

Let's take a look:

Silicon Forex Overview

Silicon Forex Trading System Review

FxSystemsCompared awards this product: 8.5 / 10

However you look at it - Silicon Forex is definitely a strong forex system. Its results are strong. It's just the slightly complicated configuration which unfortunately lets it down.

Its ability to generate profitable signals is only rivaled by the best forex systems and since this is relatively new, it only appears to be an uphill journey for this product.


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What Silicon Forex Claims To Do

The Silicon Forex website claims the software can generate consistently winning signals (predictions) for any currency pair, at any given time of day; on "autopilot".

The user can simply fill in the necessary "blanks" that the software needs in order to process the market order, press the "calculate" button, and then the program spits out a signal with its probability. (Price data is fed into the software by the user, and can be obtained freely from most trading platforms and brokers.)

In essence, due to the software's alleged "smart" algorithmic market-analyzing abilities and it's behavioral evaluation features - it's supposed to be the equivalent of holding an experienced Forex trader hostage and forcing him to spit out accurate trading recommendations all day long...

So can we "trust" it?

What Silicon Forex Actually Does

Surprisingly enough, Forex Killer in fact does generate accurate signals consistently - so it lives up to the hype, in that respect.

However, to qualify that statement - it only lives up to the hype for users who can handle Silicon Forex's steep technical learning curve.

It was obvious from our research that the majority of the users who complained about the program weren't complaining about it not working - contrarily - they were complaining that Silicon Forex worked great, but that it was difficult to use, period.

The company behind Silicon Forex appears to be actively involved in helping its customer base at large, as company representatives (and even the authors) make frequent posts to forum threads concerning the product, where they leave helpful comments and contact info for support inquiries.

Now if only they could make Silicon Forex as user-friendly as it is "lethal"...

What you get

Along with the Silicon Forex software, you also receive dedicated customer support which promises to help you with every aspect of the software, from installation to broker enquiries.

You also receive a full instruction manual and video tutorials to ensure you "hit the ground running" immediately after purchase.


Silicon Forex works if you have the patience (and tech-savvy) to make it work.

It's not what we'd call a completely automated solution, but once you get the hang of using the trading system - well, it's only uphill from there :-)

You can see what the Silicon Forex website says about the product here.

Silicon Forex Trading System Review

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